Easy Peasy Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is right around the corner & it’s never too late to find the perfect gift for a fellow gardener (or yourself!). Here are some simple and affordable gifts that will put a smile on every gardeners face!

 Christmas is a time for giving, so why not consider gifting or donating a tray to a fellow gardener in need? Donate a tray here, and give the gift of a food garden this Christmas! Our subscription packages are currently on special!

 Or if you need something for a loved one (or even just yourself) our December Seedling tray is the perfect choice to compliment your time off! Don’t be afraid to start small, get some seedlings in the ground and let nature takes its course. 

 Some other useful gift ideas for the Garden that will compliment your December tray

With the above list we are certain you will be able to inspire another family member to join the food garden revolution. Have a Happy Christmas holiday & take it easy!