Trays Sponsored into Community Gardens

As South Africa’s lock-down has revealed the ever-deepening crisis around food security in our communities, we have witnessed the rise of citizen-led programmes to deal with this situation.  This is particularly well seen in the emergent Community Action Networks, as well as numerous existing community-based organisations.  Feeding schemes have emerged to deal with the immediate situation and, looking beyond this, most have realised the need to work on the longer-term provision of local healthy food.

When SEED launched the new Easy Peasy online ordering system, we included an option for our home gardeners to also sponsor trays into local community gardens.  Many people chose to “Buy One | Sponsor One” and for each tray of seedlings that they planted, we donated a tray of seedlings on their behalf. 

June has brought some cooler wetter weather, and as a result we have seen a slowing down of people buying seedlings for their own gardens (we’ve also seen that many gardens are full after all the lockdown attention).  Right now, we have almost 100 of our June seedling trays sitting at the nursery looking for homes.  We are seeking support to donate these to Community Gardens that are ready for them. 

Please help us by clicking here to Sponsor Trays.  

To encourage you, here are some stories of trays donated so far…

Ocean View Organic Farmers – the Kos Gangsters

Easy Peasy seedlings were donated to the Perpetual Veggie boxes that were installed at various community sites in Ocean View.  These include the Onse Huisie old age home, the Open Door child safety centre, and the Ocean View Mosque among others.

Sophia Grodes, chair of the OV Organic Farm co-operative, says: “We are passionate about our community and the dream for the farm has always been to provide affordable and nutritious organic vegetables for Ocean View and neighbouring suburbs.”

Sophia & team planting up a Perpetual Veggie BoxKos Gangsters 

Plant-up ZA & Free Food Kitchens

Davina Doyle is a Seeding Futures alumnus who supports local food growing in her Steenberg community.  Easy Peasy seedling trays were donated to a number of home growers who were ready to plant up their gardens as well as to the new kitchen garden at Revolution Yoga’s Free Food Kitchen in Lavender Hill.

Home Grower with sponsored seedling tray 

We have also donated to the new community garden supported by the Muizenberg CAN (pics to follow) and to Cissie Gool House in Woodstock.  We are also looking to support a new garden set up by the Mitchell's Plain Montrose Park CAN, close to our nursery at Rocklands.  More info to follow.

Follow the link below to Sponsor Trays for our Community Node partners. You can select the Project that speaks to you, or trust us to donate "Wherever it's needed".