February Seedling Growing Guide

Here is our growing guide to accompany your February tray. Some helpful tips and information to make sure your plants get the best start to life in your garden.


  • Position: Sun or partial shade
  • Companions: Swiss chard, peppers, peas, potatoes, beans radish and garlic.
  • Spacing: Approx 15-20cm apart
  • Maintenance: Plant in well drained soil which has NOT had a lot of compost added recently. Compost can cause the roots to split. 
  • Harvesting: Use garden fork to loosen surrounding soil. Roots can be left in the ground over winter. Harvest from July - September.




  • Position: Full sun
  • Companions: Sage and Celery
  • Spacing: 50cm apart
  • Maintenance: Plant in rich soil with lots of compost. Keep an eye out for caterpillars as they can destroy these young seedlings. Spraying leaves with seaweed spray helps deter birds.
  • Harvesting: From May to September 





  • Position: Sun or partial shade
  • Companions: Onions, celery and carrot.
  • Spacing: 20cm apart
  • Maintenance: Plant in rich soil that retains moisture. Drench with plant food during late summer.
  • Harvesting: Can be left in the ground until required or harvested right through autumn, winter & spring.






  • Position: Sun or partial shade if north facing. Avoid excess heat
  • Companions: Spring onion, cucumber, beetroots, marigolds, radish
  • Spacing: 10cm on each side
  • Maintenance: Keep soil moist, mulch to maintain moisture if in direct sunlight. Water lightly but consistently.
  • Harvesting: Immediately and ongoing until the plant begins to seed at around 50 to 60 days. Regularly pick bottom most leaves leaving at least 4 leaves on the plant. Picking also encourages growth.




  • Position: Sun or partial shade
  • Companions: Garlic, Lettuce, Beans, Onion, Cabbage, Swiss Chard, Kohlrabi and Kale.
  • Spacing: 15cm each side
  • Maintenance: Keep well watered in dry weather to help prevent splitting
  • Harvesting: Pull roots when they become plump. Young leaves can also make a great addition to salads.





  • Position: Most positions from sun to shade
  • Companions: Tomatoe, carrot, sunflower and apples.
  • Spacing: 20cm apart
  • Maintenance; Chives prefer a moist soil. Cut back as required to encourage new growth. No feeding required.
  • Harvesting: Harvest year round, especially during warmer months.




  • Position: Full sun or partial afternoon shade
  • Companions: Pretty much everything, they are a great pest deterrent. 
  • Spacing: 20cm apart
  • Maintenance: You can lightly fertilise the ground before planting. 





Good luck out there Green Fingers!