Introducing Seriously Easy Peasy!

Introducing Seriously Easy Peasy!
At the end of 2020 we sent out a survey to the Easy Peasy customer base to get to know more about their specific needs when it comes to the monthly plant ups. In order to give everyone the best product to suit their needs we have decided to evolve our offering. Staying loyal to both the aspiring urban farmers & the enthusiast gardeners amongst us.
From March 2021 you will be able to choose between our “Seriously Easy Peasy” program or the monthly “Gardeners Dozen”. A bit more about the products below

Seriously Easy Peasy:  This product will follow true seasonal planting where the monthly tray will be replaced by 4 bigger seasonal plant-ups (every 3 months with the seasons) and filler 12- pack trays every month in-between. This means bigger harvests as we can maximise the full length of our grow seasons. This program will offer year-long education and support through: videos, garden demos, monthly newsletters and a dedicated WhatsApp support group with direct access to our head of production. Those elements are the added value we hope to offer our Seriously Easy Peasy gardeners. One major exciting point being the start of a demo garden at the Nursery whereby Easy Peasy customers can follow along with the plants they are given. We will be growing the same, at the same time. 

Gardeners Dozen: In an effort not to leave our regular monthly customers with empty beds. We are still going to produce the monthly seasonal tray. These trays will be trimmed from 24 to 12 seedlings as we believe this works better for people in smaller gardens or balcony gardens. These will also be supplied at more affordable prices. 
Along with this we are going to be adding a few more ‘support’ products to our site such as seedling soil mix, compost, planter boxes, seeds etc. 
The new products are going live this month and you can take your first delivery in March already. So keep an eye on our social  media to place your orders!