January Seedling Growing Guide

Here is our growing guide to accompany our January tray. Some helpful tips and information to make sure your plants thrive in the summer sun.


  • Position: Full sun (partial afternoon shade in very hot climates)
  • Companions: Radish, Coriander, Rocket and Onions
  • Spacing: 6-8cm apart, 2cm deep.
  • Maintenance: Install supports early so to avoid disturbing the roots later on.
  • Harvesting: Pick the beans when they are young and tender. Just under two months 






  • Position: Full sun 
  • Companions: Mint
  • Spacing: 25-30cm apart
  • Maintenance: When the bulb is the size of an egg, surround it with 6 inches of loose mulch to help it plump up and slightly blanch it.
  • Harvesting: Snip tender young leaves as needed in the kitchen. When the bulbs reach 8cm in diameter, pull them and store in the refrigerator.






  • Position: Full sun 
  • Companions: Rosemary, Sage, Celery, Beans, Onions, Potatoe, Mint, Chamomile and Beets.
  • Spacing: 45cm apart
  • Maintenance: Watch out for butterflies laying eggs under the leaves, caterpillars can easily destroy these plants. 
  • Harvesting: 3-4 months. Harvest by cutting off the large central head first before it starts to flower. Cut it at an angle to prevent water settling and rotting the stem. Side shoots will appear and as long as these are continually harvested before they form flowers, they will continue producing for a couple of months



Red Onions

  • Position: Sun, partial shade 
  • Companions: Beetroot, cabbage, lettuce and strawberry 
  • Spacing: 15cm each way 
  • Maintenance: Weed early & often. 
  • Harvesting: Harvest as soon as they reach a reasonable size. Approx 3-4 months





  • Position: sun or partial shade if north facing. Avoid excess heat.
  • Companions: Spring onion, cucumber, beetroots, marigolds, radish
  • Spacing: 10cm gaps on either side
  • Maintenance: Keep soil moist, mulch to maintain moisture if in direct sunlight. Water lightly but consistently.
  • Harvesting: Immediately and ongoing until the plant begins to seed at around 50 to 60 days. Regularly pick bottom most leaves leaving at least 4 leaves on the plant. Picking also encourages growth.




  • Position: Full sun & warm conditions
  • Companions: Sunflower, Cucumber, Melon, Peppers and Aubergine 
  • Spacing: 50cm apart
  • Maintenance: Needs warm temperatures for a good harvest. Watch out for ants - they like Okra. 
  • Harvesting: Pick pods while they are young and small, approx 2 months.





Good luck out there Green Fingers!