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  • December Seedling Tray Growing Guide

    We have created a little guide to help you get the best results out of our December seedlings. Here's to a festive garden! 
  • November Seedling Tray Growing Guide

    Our abundant November tray is bound to give you an incredible amount of produce. We have created a little guide to help you get the best results ou...
  • Managing Vegetable Garden Pests

    Nothing can be more frustrating than creating a beautiful food garden, only to have your harvest obliterated by pests. Here are some tips for managing pests.
  • What goes into an Easy Peasy tray?

    Our beautiful monthly seasonal trays contain 24 seedlings, and it's all thanks to the hard work and love of our incredible team at the Mitchell's Plain nursery. 
  • Vegetable ideas for the Braai

    The one thing all South African's can passionately attest to is our love for a good braai. Regardless of our heritage, this one is uniquely and col...
  • Growing Food in Small Spaces

    There is a misconception that in order to grow food, you need a garden. It’s all about becoming creative with the space you have.
  • A simple guide to creating a Food Garden

    Food gardening can be overwhelming at first glance. Fear not, it is far simpler than you think! 
  • Trays Sponsored into Community Gardens

    Easy Peasy sponsors trays into community gardens. Read what we achieved during Lockdown.
  • Easy Peasy Community Garden Plan

    Our partners at SEED have created a simple, easy to follow 3-month planting schedule that follows a seasonal calendar.
  • EASY PEASY: Gardening the Mighty Brassicas

    The Brassicas have a bad rep.  But they’re not all equally challenging!  Luckily this month we are spared the trickiest of the bunch, the cauliflow...
  • How to plant your Easy Peasy seedlings

  • Seeding Futures and its potential to transform our City