About SEED

SEED is an award-winning public benefit organisation that contributes to Cape Town’s resilience through awakening the potential of our unemployed township youth; connecting them to their strengths, the positive resilience action they can take in their lives and also to green jobs.

Although we work a lot with gardens, we believe that change happens through people – it is capacitated people that make lasting change.

Our work is guided by the permaculture principles: people care, Earth care and surplus share. We are systems-aware and believe in collaboration and adaptive learning. We also believe that working with youth is a strategic change lever.

SEED is based in Mitchells Plain on the Cape Flats, outside of Cape Town. Our programs have national reach.

Building City-Wide Resilience

Our graduates are already implementing household and street food resilience systems through the program. Our dream is to transform the whole city – one neighbourhood at a time.

Starting with Mitchells Plain and applying the permaculture design process and principles, we will conduct needs analysis, sector analysis and asset mapping (including skilled people) through participatory process, effectively drawing the problems and solutions from local people.

We then design a plan in response to the needs as well as the geography of the site.

Implementation includes the following:

Aquifer regeneration systems, rain and storm water harvesting, compost toilets, centralised tank banks and boreholes for food production, in conjunction with rain tanks.

Mapping of community assets (including skilled people) and health and crime issues.

Safe transport along the most-used routes for pedestrians and bicycles, including food gardens, benches and policing if needed.

Closing the economic leakages by starting with the needs of locals. Mapping existing enterprises and the gaps.

Food hub to grow food locally, orchard systems, indigenous edible dune gardens.

Windbreaks for microclimate, habitat and biomass. Community compost, recycling depots.

Solar energy roof harvesting, wind turbines, woodlots, community ovens, community pedal power.

All of this creates significant work for our young people and meaningful long term enterprises that will make Mitchells Plain resilient. The impact in these neighbourhoods has the potential to change the whole social fabric. 

SEED's Impact

  • 987 teachers trained
  • 33796 school learners reached
  • 4695 texbooks distributed
  • 118 under-employed youth trained
  • 13 climated-adapted house models created