About us

Why grow your own food?

The industrial feeding system is built on the technological developments of World War II.

It has done more damage to our environment than any other human enterprise:

  • It relies on fossil fuels – with a clumsy 10 units of fossil fuels producing one unit of food.
  • It has the largest land-use and has the heaviest impact on biodiversity loss.
  • It destroys soil through depletion and contamination.
  • It's responsible for 30% of our greenhouse gases (serious implications for Climate Change).
  • It's responsible for two-thirds of our wetland destruction.
  • Apartheid legislation and the market dominance of large players, excludes small food producers.
  • 90% of our staple crops are GMO, making us reliant on three big companies (including Monsanto) to determine pricing and policy.

The industrial food complex does not feed our people – we face extremely high numbers of food poverty, hunger, malnutrition, child wasting and vulnerability to disease as well as an obesity epidemic. There is growing consensus that it poses a major threat to public health, with its greatest impact is on the poor.

Use your buying power as a vote for diverse local food systems:

  • Eat Seasonally
  • Support local growers
  • Grow your own food.

Easy Peasy was founded in 2017 by SEED, a small award-winning public benefit organisation that has the big vision for a resilient South Africa.