The Easy Peasy Story


Easy Peasy is a young social enterprise started in 2017 by SEED.  We grow  open-pollinated mixed organic vegetable, herb and edible flower seedling trays that change with the seasons, ensuring you plant what grows best right now.

The idea for Easy Peasy sprouted from a desire to grow a culture of home gardening in Cape Town and also to grow meaningful local work for our youth.

In Permaculture, we believe that the problems carry the solutions:
In South Africa we have many beautiful young people that desire knowledge , skills and connection to livelihoods and we also have a lot of work to do in building the climate and food resilience of our cities and settlements.

Easy Peasy addresses both of these opportunities through the creation of green jobs which feed the bigger vision quite literally, we can create positive change. 

The Easy Peasy nursery is based at SEED in Mitchells Plain on the Cape Flats outside of Cape Town. It is now staffed by four fabulous local growers and another three support staff members. With your support we will continue to grow this and create more local jobs for the young people who need them.


SEED grows real resilience in people and restores communities from within.

Easy Peasy is the first circular economy business initiated by SEED, created with the desire impact Cape Town’s food security through growing a culture of home gardening and to grow meaningful local work for un- and under-employed youth.

SEED believes that with our economy and energy futures in flux, now is an opportunity to transition to more ecological and robust models of development that will serve our communities and all species more effectively in the future. 

Our Seeding Futures resilience program grows resilience in un- and under-employed youth and connects them to work in the local green economy.

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