Learning Adventures in the Outdoor Classroom

Learning Adventures in the Outdoor Classroom

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One seed starts a forest

SEED has been a pioneer in the growing of outdoor classrooms in under-resourced schools across South Africa for the last 12 years.

This book provides a context for SEED's work and distills and extends some of the things learned working with coura- geous teachers and SEED facilitators in a variety of climates and socio-economic spaces.

The outdoor classroom is a great gateway into encounters with daily miracles, a sense of being held by the ecosystems that support us all, and also having fun.

The main aim of this book is to take learning outside, with a focus on starting small so that the process is man- ageable. It is possible to shift whole neighbourhoods, through growing a culture of outdoor learning in schools, towards land-based resilience, social cohesion and abundance. Enjoy the journey.

About this book

This book guides teachers to think about, set up and teach from simple outdoor classrooms at school. It shows teachers how to engage their primary school classes in learning aspects of the CAPS curriculum while growing food and interacting with nature.

Part One highlights the importance of this kind of education and how it benefits learners and schools today. It outlines the principles of permaculture gardening. It discusses the need to provide for children’s different learning styles, while addressing environmental issues. Ac- knowledging the challenges of teaching outdoors, it provides ways to deal with them. It also offers ways to involve the school in the practical setting up of an outdoor classroom.

Part Two gives you specific processes you can do with your classes to teach concepts, top- ics and skills required by the CAPS curriculum while designing, setting up and maintaining a small outdoor classroom.